Ok, give me the elevator pitch…

This is a newsletter about running.

We’ll cover most aspects, but nothing to do with track or serious road running.

It’s for people who use running as a simple solution to a complicated world.

It’ll be less about performance and more about why we run, what it means, and why it makes us feel so good.

It’s based in the Highlands of Scotland, the finest place in the world for runners.

I’ll post once a week, maybe more. I’ll try to keep it manageable for both of us, but as with all good things, there’ll be space to get carried away.

My aim is to reflect on a simple yet magical act, and to give you inspiration and ideas for your own running life. 

It’s a newsletter for anyone that likes to go for a run.

And now the indulgent writerly version?

Maybe you’re searching for something, just like me. 

Maybe you’re not quite sure what that thing is, and it feels like there are a million golden threads but you don’t know which one to pull.

Maybe you’re never sure that you’re moving in the right direction, or if you’re even moving at all.

But if you find glimpses of what you’re looking for through the simple act of running then you’ll be in good company here. 

I’ll approach it like all my best runs: plan to have no plans. Let’s see where we end up.

It’s also a way to keep running and writing habitual, and to explore the symbiotic relationship between them.

There’s a creative elixir borne of movement. We’ll examine that, too.

We’ll move through arresting landscapes - places that retain the essential wildness that we’ve lost. Places that help to find it again. 

We’ll cover mountains and forests and valleys and rivers and coastlines and ancient paths the way animals like and unlike us have for millions of years. 

We’ll strip things back, try to feel a little more exposed.

We’ll try to stop turning and turning in the widening gyre.

I'm still here. Reel me in.

It’ll be expansive here, adventurous, appreciative. Hopefully a little bit beautiful.

It’s a newsletter about the balance we’re all searching for.

It’s a newsletter about treading a line somewhere between earth and paradise.

It’s a newsletter about running high.

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